How to Attach a TV Mount to an RV Wall【Complete Guide】

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  1. How to attach an RV TV to An RV Wall

  2. How to mount a TV in an RV and how to mount flat-screen TV in an RV

  3.  Hiding the cables behind the TV

  4. Additional Information and Tips

  5. Conclusion.

How to attach an RV TV to An RV Wall

TV mounts for RV are specifically designed for an RV to make traveling easier with your regular TV use. However, if you are using a normal TV you must be mindful of the dangers it might have while traveling.

Below is a step-by-step detailed guide on ‘how to mount a TV in an RV’ and particularly ‘how to install a TV wall mount in RV’.

1. Locate an exact area

Find the exact spot inside for mounting a TV in an RV. The spot needs to be in the perfect position where it is convenient to watch TV while traveling- it won’t be hard to find due to the already limited area in the RV.

2. Decide on RV TV mount ideas

You need to make the important decision of your preference- choose between the two RV TV mount ideas. Whether you want to mount a TV in the RV on the wall or have the stand mount for your TV.

3. Use a leveling Instrument

Leveling can be quite tricky if done without proper tools. Using it will ensure mounting TV in an RV is done accurately.

4. Locate the Wall Studs in your RV

Locating the wall studs can be hard- try marking them when you purchase your RV from the dealer. Knowing it beforehand will save you the hassle of figuring it out later when the time to mount a TV in the RV on the wall comes.

Otherwise, knock on the RV’s wall and locate them. Or you can always contact the manufactures or dealer to send you a print of where the studs may be inside your RV.

5. Use a power drill to drill various drill bits

After marking the places where your bracket holes will be you have to drill the holes through a power drill. Keep in mind that your drill bits should be the same size as the screws or bolts that come with your RV TV wall mounts which includes RV flat-screen TV Mounts.

6. Fit the mounting bracket into the RV wall for RV TV installation

One part of the bracket goes into the wall and the other is needed to fit into the TV. The RV TV wall mount comes with different screws and bolts to accommodate different TV sizes. This includes flat screens. Thus, the guide also suffices for how to mount flat-screen TV in RV.

7. Fit the RV TV Mount into the TV

Find the mounting plate holes in your TV and fit them with those of the mounting plate. If your TV has any additional things attached to it like a stand or additional plates then remove them before you begin this step.

This completes the second step of ‘how to mount flat-screen TV in RV’ or ‘how to mount a TV in an RV’

How to mount a TV in an RV and how to mount flat-screen TV in an RV?

The next step involves mounting a TV in an RV. The best and easiest option would be to follow the step of attaching the cables to your TV before mounting it to your RV wall. A little extra tip: try to have more than one pair of hands helping you would keep you and your TV safer.

Mounting a TV in an RV may sound exhausting especially when you choose to mount a TV in an RV on the wall. But with the right tools and the right step-by-step guide you can master it all.

Hiding the cables behind the TV

This is An additional and optional step to amp up the ambiance.

Your RV is your home during your journey so making it appealing to the eye is necessary. You can easily do this by attaching a trunk that matches your RVs interior and makes it look cool. The cables can be kept inside the trunk giving your RV a completely neat look.

Additional Information and Tips

Why do we need TVs?

No matter how busy our lives get, we all need a tv to keep us updated with the world. The tv enables us to catch up on our favorite tv shows, watch the daily news, keep up with the weather forecasts, and even acts as a perfect wall accessory, especially in our living rooms. It can even give you company to get rid of the silence in the background.

Different options for TVs

The world has seen a great revolution when it comes to TVs. From the huge bulky TVs in the past to flat screens on TV mounts; the types of TVs have come a long way. Flat screens have become the new norm when it comes to TVs. We can mount the TV on the RV on the wall, enjoy mounting tv in the RV bedroom, know how to mount flat screen tv in RV, and so on.

Before we get started on the step-by-step guide let’s discuss what is an RV, RV TVs, and RV TV mount, Knowing the distinction is important to accurately follow the steps.

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What is an RV?

RV is short for Recreational Vehicle and this is a type of vehicle that has space for living inside which can include kitchen space, a bathroom, and a surplus area for living. The sizes of RVs can vary but their purpose remains the same; they provide outdoor living and the option of having a home while you are traveling simultaneously.

For living in an RV people need all of their home necessities inside of their RVs which includes electronics like a TV.

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What is an RV TV?

Since RVs serve the purpose of ‘living’, people usually need a TV specifically for this. But for your Recreational Vehicle, you will need a different kind of TV from the one you use at your home and office. This specific kind of TV is known as an RV TV as regular bulky TVs cannot be used for this purpose.

Flat-screen TVs, for example, are a better option as they are sleek and can fit in your RV TV wall mount easily. All you have to do is mount a TV in the RV on the wall. The RV TV mount and RV TV installation enable the TV to withstand the vibrations and all the temperature changes the TV is subjected to in an RV.

Other features of RV TVs include a different kind of screen to make it watchable with bright sunlight. For these reasons, RV TV installation is important and so is the guide on how to install a TV wall mount in RV as well as how to install a TV wall mount in an RV.

What are TV Mounts for TVs?

An RV TV Mount is a kind of a piece of equipment that keeps the TV mounted in place. RV TV mount can involve two different RV TV mount ideas: RV TV wall mount or RV TV stand mounts. Like the name suggests the latter is used to keep the TV standing on a table or any kind of stand with the mount supporting it in place.

On the other hand, an RV TV wall mount attaches your TV directly to a wall just like the name suggests. You can mount a TV in the RV on the wall as well as have the option of mounting a TV in the RV bedroom.

The best advantage of having TV mounts for putting up your TV is having the option of removable TV wall mounts for RV so you can remove it as many times as you want. This enables you to switch positions and the height of your TV at your convenience and choice.

Why are wall TV mounts better for RVs?

If you mount a TV in an RV on the wall you automatically save space. No matter how big an RV is, the space inside is limited. Mounting a TV in an RV on a wall will save you table space which is impossible if TV mounts for RV involve RV TV stand mounts. Larger screens can easily be installed as the problem of space is solved when you mount a TV in an RV on a wall.

Your journey in the RV will inevitably be subjected to bumpy roads and jerks along the way. Secure brackets that come with the RV TV mount, especially the RV TV wall mount, will keep your TV secure and tight in place. This will save your TV from danger and give it a long life. Hence, mounting a TV in an RV on the wall is the best TV mount for an RV.


Different kinds of wall mounts in the market

Before we proceed to how to mount a TV in an RV and go over the debate of the best TV mounts for an RV, we must know about the basic different wall mounts. These include the Flat Mount, Hook Mount, Tilt/swivel Mount, and Full-motion Mount.

The Flat Mount option can be classified as among the best TV mounts for RV. Firstly, because it is cheaper among the rest of the options. Besides, it occupies little depth and does not offer flexibility in terms of moving the RV TV wall mount which is not required in an RV in the first place.

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After this thorough guide, we hope you are clear about the steps on how to attach a TV mount to an RV wall as well as how to install a flat-screen TV in an RV. The process will become simple if you follow everything step by step. However, we recommend an additional helping hand to keep things safe.



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