The Best 5th Wheel RVs for Full-time Living

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Finding the right RV requires a lot of trial and error. 

best 5th wheel RV for full time living

Whether you’ve finally decided to pursue your travelling dreams or are looking to save up on money for the long run or have simply decided to take a break from the normalcy of daily life, RVs are the first object on your list of things to acquire. The process is daunting and tiresome.

Getting accustomed to your new (mobile) home can prove to be quite difficult. But with the posh features of these RVs, you will find comfort in no time!

You might be wondering about the full-time fifth wheel brands that pose these features. You might also be asking, what is the best fifth wheel RV to buy? In our guide, we’ve not only answered your queries but talked about the advantages of a full-time RV (also in comparison to trailers!).

Let’s dive in!

best 5th wheel RV for full time living

The Merits of Full-time Living in a 5th Wheel

Living in an RV is no small decision. That’s why before jumping into the reviews for the best full-time 5th wheels, it is important to know if a 5th wheel RV is the right decision for you!

The Good Side

Looking at the positives of a 5th wheel will assist in looking out for the right features. Here’s why we think a 5th wheel RV full-time decision is one of the best you can make:

  • Space, Space, and More Space.

Unlike most trailers, a 5th wheel RV has high ceilings and a ton of storage space. Not only is the extra space practical but it also gives off a spacious look.

  • Living Amenities

From huge kitchens to extra beds to deck space to full-fledged entertainment systems, a 5th wheel RV might have you living better than your apartment. Save up and enjoy luxury features! Also, take a look at the finest washer dryer combos for RV if you plan on living in one.

  • Mobility

Having to tow around your trailer is often cumbersome. With an RV, you can unto your truck and get those groceries with ease.


The Not-So-Good Side

As much as we’d love to keep going on about the merits, it’s only fair to address some relevant issues.

It is no surprise that a vehicle that provides much more storage space is heavier than your normal trailers. With size comes the issue of towing. Thus, a 5th wheel RV requires a heavier vehicle to be able to move around.

For the very same reason, RVs cost more. You’ll have to further adjust your budget regarding the amenities and luxury features. All in all, the extra space is accounted for and you can always look at cheaper options!

Now that you have an idea to work with, let’s dive into the best 5th wheels for a full-time living!


Top Rated Fifth Wheel RV Manufacturers 

Every day new brands emerge in the market, it’s hard enough to find suitable luxurious 5th wheel campers. With the emerging brands come issues of trust, validity, and good customer care. Warranty is another issue. No one wants to break their bank on a hunk of an RV, only to discover the flaws with flooring, inadequate space, and lack of proper responses from the manufacturers.

Not to worry, that’s why we’re here! After a thorough market search, we’ve come up with a list of brands that are not only renowned for their premium quality products but also have great warranties and customer care that keeps making you go back.

Now, whether it’s an all-season fifth wheel you’re looking for or a full-time RV for sale, these brands are your go-to places:

  • Grand Design Solitude
  • Forest River Cardinal
  • Keystone Laredo
  • Redwood RV Redwood
  • DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites
  • Coachmen Chaparral
  • Coachmen Brookstone
  • Keystone Fuzion
  • Jayco Pinnacle

The 5 Best 5th wheel RVs for Full-Time Living

The market is filled with different brands and various RVs. After much thorough research, we’ve found the top-rated 5th wheels in 2021! We’ve highlighted some features that make each RV stand out.

Grand Design Solitude

Why We Love It:

  • 14 different floorplans
  • Spacious
  • Premium features
✅ 3-year warranty on flooring❌ None
✅ Affordable
✅ Roof with a 12-year warranty


KZ Durango Gold

Why We Love It:

  • King-sized beds
  • Plenty of storage space
  • One-Touch Control Pane
✅ Central vacuum❌ None
✅ Auto-levelling
✅ Cost-effectiveness


Coachmen Chaparral Fifth Wheel

Why We Love It:

  • Entertainment centre
  • 11 floorplans
  • Ducted furnace
✅ Good temperature regulation❌ Heavier
✅ Equipped kitchen
✅ Can house up to 11 people.

North wood Arctic Fox

Why We Love It:

  • Solar panels
  • Thermal pane windows
  • Compact Design
✅ Personalised add-ons❌ Less space
✅ Affordable
✅ Insulated


Forest River Wildcat Fifth Wheel

Why We Love It:

  • 23 floorplans
  • Lighter
  • Hardwood flooring
✅ Soundbar with Bluetooth❌ Pricey
✅ Ducted AC

Travel Trailer Vs 5th Wheel Full-time 

A long-held debate exists between these choices: Is living in a 5th wheel year-round better than living in a travel trailer? In our opinion, it all comes down to your needs. The matter as a whole is highly subjective!

However, there are always features you can look out for. We’ve talked about some of the common reasons that cause this differentiation of opinions. Maybe you’ll find yours too.


When it comes to a travel vehicle, the matter of utmost importance is the towing vehicle. Is your vehicle compatible with the camper? Looking at the space that the camper will take up and the power needed are all important factors. In this regard, trailers are often more convenient. However, when it comes to the ease of towing, residential fifth-wheel trailers take the lead due to their balanced center of mass.


It is no doubt that even the biggest fifth-wheel travel trailers are less expensive than RVs with their luxurious features! But their maintenance is crucial. Take a look at our guide on how to check if your RV converter is bad,


With an RV, you get better compartmentalization, and with that comes more of a house feel and better privacy. It also adds to the look of your ‘new home’!

Ceiling Height

One of the many advantages of having a fifth-wheel RV for full-time living in the space you get. RVs have greater ceiling heights allowing for more open space. Although, trailers still have more storage options!

In the end, it’s better to look up your desired features, you never know a residential fifth-wheel trailer is what you might be looking for.



Picking the Best Full-time 5th Wheel

Finding the perfect 5th wheel can be quite a tiresome task. It doesn’t matter if you’re a frequent camper, or someone looking to transition into the road-life, finding a suitable mobile home is an equally important and hard task.

After looking at some of the top campers for full-time living, it is essential to look at some factors involved in picking the right pick. Your personal preferences will obviously be the deciding factor, yet some market research is always a must!

Instead of going for the ‘renowned’ popular brand or the cheapest option, consider these factors:


It isn’t necessary that good brands will always produce items outside your budget. In fact, as seen in the above reviews, most renowned brands in the RV industry have quite affordable price tags. Considering the premium quality, and the features, those are some good deals.

Furthermore, living in a 5th wheel even year-round is no small joke. You should look to make the proper investment once since that will be your new home.


You must have come across this feature various times in our reviews. A good floor plan suits your lifestyles and thus a lot of renowned brands offer up to 23+ different floor plans to suit your needs.

You might be looking for a specific layout, a specific positioning of the kitchen island, a functional bathroom, and even good storage space. Remember since you’ll be spending most of your time outside, your exterior living area is just as important as your interior.

We recommend you browse different dealerships, physically view the floorplans as well rather than having an online look.


Looking for good durability is essential and just as tricky, especially as first-timers. Most top-rated 5th wheel RVs bring about a sturdy feel and their material does not come off as ‘cheap’. In cases I do, we recommend going with your gut feeling.

A few things to keep an eye out for are:

The body paint of the vehicle, insulation features such as double-paned windows, the kind of flooring the ease of clean up, the seating to see if it’s comfortable, roofing if it’s fiberglass, and lastly the material of doors.


If you’re looking for more living space, a longer RV will be most suitable. One of the perks of having an RV instead of a trailer is the fact that they’re well balanced, the mass is at the center, and it’s easier to tow an RV than a trailer.

Although, more weights account for a bigger vehicle. Checking the compatibility of your vehicle with your RV is another major issue of importance. You might have to upgrade to a bigger vehicle later.


This is perhaps one of the most important features for first-timers. Even the highest quality 5th wheels will show issues in the first two years and first-timers already run into new problems.

Browsing through dealerships is also important in this scenario. You want warranties on the roofing and flooring at the very least. A longer warranty is desired for better durability. Any issues will be solved by the manufacturer, that’s why take your time with this matter.


Other Features

There are often other features that are extremely desirable like proper insulation during the winters. Getting that in a full-time RV for sale would not be hard if you kept up with reviews and were well-informed beforehand.

Another great feature is an alternative energy source such as solar panels and so on. Looking for effective and adequate storage space is essential. Other good features good include multiple USB ports, speakers and soundbars, a well-fledged entertainment system.

In the end, it all comes down to your needs!



Who Makes the Best 5th Wheel RV?

Looking at our reviews and the list of top manufacturers that we’ve provided, Coachmen Chaparral and Grand Design Solitude appear to be the highest quality full-time 5th wheels. Although this might be subjective, these brands are renowned for their affordable price tags and premium quality features. Did we mention they have great customer care as well?

What is the Longest 5th Wheel Camper?

Records show the 57-foot Spacecraft 5th Wheel RV to be the longest camper requiring a whole tractor to tow it around!

This red RV is quite a beauty and we would hate to keep it to ourselves:

Conclusion: What is the Best Fifth Wheel RV to Buy?

In a word, there is no one perfect vehicle. It all comes down to the specific needs of an individual, the final deciding factor will always be personal preference.

However, there can be the greatest standards. These can be seen in the reviews and the top manufacturer lists, through renowned brands and the premium features they offer.

It is also important to perform market research and look at the factors mentioned in our guide. Starting from budget all the way to durability and unique features, it is important to have these in mind!

It is also important to consider if an RV is the greatest option for you or if your requirements entail needing a trailer.

We hope you gained some insight into the RV world and we wish you good luck in your future RV endeavors!






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