5 Best Campers for Sale Under $2000 to Buy in 2021

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 “The most essential tool in helping you have an amazing outdoors trip is to have a well-functioning camper” 

If you are accustomed to going on outdoor adventures, then you will definitely agree with us.

Moreover, if you like going on adventures with friends and family, this must be an important topic for you. Because campers are a very significant part of such trips.Whether you are going out into the forest or planning on touring by road. In any scenario, having the perfect camper is important.

So, you must have looked for ‘campers for sale near me’, many times. Finding used campers for sale by the owner is the smartest way to go. Small campers for sale are much more affordable this way.

Be sure to read up until the Conclusion. This way you will be able to grasp all the information we plan to provide you with. We have also included an FAQ section and a video related to our topic today. We recommend that you pay special attention to these sections as well. By doing so, you will gain an entire spectrum of knowledge regarding campers for sale under 2000 dollars.

Best Campers for Sale Under $2000 in 2021:

Here are our top picks for campers for sale under $2000.

Washing MachinesRating
Vintage 1968 Shasta Starflyte
10/10 (Editor's Choice)
1975 Ideal Camper9/10
2015 Rockwood
1970 La Cabana
Tioga Arrow 1978 8/10

1) Vintage 1968 Shasta Starflyte

Why we love it:

  • Contains Vinyl cushions
  • Checkered flooring
  • The bed has room for two
  • Kitchen has Three burner stove
  • Propane fridge

✅ Sharp finish❌Very old and looks like it
✅ Laminated flooring❌Exterior has a very dull look
✅ Comparatively spacious in relation to overall size
✅ Front window has green glass panel

2) 1975 Ideal Camper

Why we love it:

  • Very Easy setup
  • Good Security with Strong locks
  • Minimalistic and sleek look
  • Lightweight
  • Airy and Spacious interior

✅ 4 sleeping spaces❌Off-white colour exterior that gets dirty easily
✅ Heavy-duty tires❌Very lightweight door
✅ Comparatively larger length than the average camper -22ft
✅ Has window shutters for extra privacy

3) 2015 Rockwood

Why we love it:

  • Has a Roof vent
  • Air furnace
  • Three way refrigerator
  • Heated bed end mattress
  • Carbon monoxide detector

✅ Has 2 separate safety (smoke) detectors❌Not very long
✅ Unique triangular home-like shape❌Monotonous colouring
✅ Sleeping capacity is 4
✅ Low weight

4) 1970 La Cabana

Why we love it:

  • Length is Fifteen feet
  • Contains Twelve-volt wiring
  • Has a Large closet
  • Contains a Hot water heater

✅ Sharp finish❌Very old and looks like it
✅ Laminated flooring❌Exterior has a very dull look
✅ Comparatively spacious in relation to overall size
✅ Front window has green glass panel

5) Tioga Arrow 1978

Why we love it:

  • Has a Very robust built
  • Exhibits a Unique design
  • Rare interior detail
  • Very Fuel-efficient
  • Twenty feet average length

✅ Very colourful❌Small windows
✅ Will stand out anywhere❌Weak wheels
✅ Can fit an entire family
✅ Automatic drive

If you want to learn how to utilize the space inside the campers for sale under $2000, then you should definitely check out this video. The video that we have linked down below for you is the perfect sprinkle of extra information. You will need to use this knowledge once you have purchased your small campers for sale. So do check it out!

Furthermore, if you want a detailed explanation regarding the difference between a camper and an RV, we got you! You can simply read up on this article that we have linked here for you. And you will be good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I go for an RV or for a camper for my trip?

A: It all depends on two things. First of all, what kind of trip are you going on? And second of all, what is your living style in general? What is inside your comfort zone and what is not part of your comfort zone?

The difference between a camper and an RV is drawn by a very thin line. We have linked an article below that will teach you more about it.

Once you have read that article, we are sure that you will be able to answer the questions we asked above. According to your knowledge combined with the information, you will have. And then it will become much easier for you to figure out whether you should be looking for a camper. Or you should just simply drop the idea of a camper and go for an RV instead.

Q: Do campers use a lot of fuel? Will I have to find a separate budget for this purpose?

A: This is a very reasonable factor to think about for sure. And you should definitely find out tis answer before you make a decision on which camper to get for yourself. That being said, there is no straight answer.

We cannot give you a simple yes or no answer. That will be unfair and inaccurate to you. But what we will say is that you need to find out this specification of each camper separately.

Once you will be equipped with this information, then you should make the decision. Chances are high though, that a cheap camper will have a good engine at least. Because that is the most basic thing about campers. So we think that you should not worry much about this issue. Definitely do not ignore it though!

Q: If I buy a cheap camper, will I have to replace it soon?

A: The answer to this question is going to delight you for sure. It is a very simple answer. And that answer is no! That is why so many people opt to buy cheap campers. Because cheap or not, it will last a long time.

You can think of this as the specialty of campers. They do need to be renovated every now and then. But they really never become so useless that you need to replace them.

A camper is definitely a man’s best friend when he is on the road. There is no doubt in that! So, you can make your purchase worry=free. You will not have to replace it soon, for sure and that is our guarantee to you about this!

cheap campers for sale near me


Now you have reached the very end of this article regarding campers for sale near me that are used. We sincerely hope that you must have gained a lot of knowledge from all the information that we have provided for you.

Because we have talked all about campers for sale under 2000 dollars. Finding campers for sale under $2000 is a jackpot! And that is why we helped you find campers for sale under 2000 dollars near me with the information provided.

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Recreation specialization reexamined: The case of vehicle‐based campers

Recreation Specialization and Site Choice Among Vehicle-Based Campers

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