6 Best RV Holding Tank Treatment In 2021【Quick Action】

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Managing a holding tank is often regarded as one of the most tiresome chores for any RV goer; however, things could be simplified by incorporating RV black tank chemicals 

When the new camping season is around the corner, RV goers throughout the states buckle up their vehicles and make sure everything is up and running. However, one of the things that are often overlooked is the black tank itself. Of course, it needs to be conveniently held in its place, but it also needs to be maintained regularly. After all, a healthy black tank has all of the solids liquified when dumped and contains a pleasant odour.

This can be accomplished in several ways, but one of the most tested methods is RV holding tank chemicals. They are readily available in the market and are known for preventing septic odours for the months to come. On top of that, some of the latest varieties can also break down toilet paper without any hustle.

That’s why today we will talk about some of the best RV holding tank treatments in the industry (with buying guide and FAQs) that you should defiantly opt for in 2021. These RV black water tank treatments are known for their quality, overall features, and price tag, so no matter what you choose, you don’t be disappointed. So, let’s get into it.

Best RV holding tank treatments 2021:

Here are our picks for top of the line black tank RV treatments.

Best RV holding tank treatment Rating
HAPPY CAMPERS Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment9/10
Aqua-Kem RV Holding tank deodorant
Walex TOI-91799 Porta-Pak
Walex BIOPPBG Bio-Pak Natural 8/10
Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated 7/10

1)  HAPPY CAMPERS Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

Amazing features we loved

  • One of the best RV toilet chemicals for breaking down waste
  • Dozens of positive RV holding tank treatment reviews
  • Fully biodegradable to conserve the environment
  • Lack of toxic RV holding tank chemicals (formaldehyde)
  • Available at an affordable price
✅ Odour-resistant treatment ❌ Leak easily as it's available in powder form
✅ Non-toxic RV toilet chemicals for breaking down waste❌ Requires regular stirring during usage
✅ Easy to apply and use

2)  Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment

Amazing features we loved

  • Equipped with Ultra-resistant microbial formula
  • Prevents misreads and other sensory malfunctions
  • Positive RV holding tank treatment reviews & feedbacks
  • Available from a trusted manufacturer
  • Act as an RV toilet deodorizer
✅ Efficiently covers up foul odours ❌ Not effective against onboard rinse nozzle
✅ It breaks down a wide variety of solid wastes❌ Requires some time to operate in hot temperatures
✅ Digests years of built-up residual sludge and opens clogs

3)  Aqua-Kem RV Holding tank deodorant

Amazing features we loved

  • One of the premium RV toilet chemicals for breaking down waste
  • Adaptable RV holding tank deodorant
  • Superior quality at an affordable price
  • Equipped with 3 in 1 functionality
  • Suitable for multiple tank sizes
✅ From industry-leading manufacturer ❌ It will require a decent amount of water gallons to operate
✅ It behaves like a weather-resistant deodorant ❌ Due to the odd layout, it may be bound to leak
✅ Cost-effective RV sewer treatment

4)  Walex TOI-91799 Porta-Pak Camper Holding Tank Treatment

Amazing features we loved

  • Leading RV holding tank treatment on Walmart
  • Properly breaks down sludge and toilet papers
  • Better than any homemade RV holding tank treatment
  • Formaldehyde-free chemicals within
  • Backed by Non-stop odour prevention
✅ Equipped with week-long odour control❌ Lack of measurement due to compact packaging
✅ Perfect for all type of weather conditions❌ Basic formula won't last that long
✅ Extended fragrance as compared to competitors

5)  Walex BIOPPBG Bio-Pak Natural

Amazing features we loved

  • It behaves like a homemade RV holding tank treatment
  • It doesn’t need any advanced toilet paper to operate
  • Entirely safe for everyday septic tanks
  • Lack of pouring or sizing measures
  • Eco-friendly chemicals for RV holding tanks
✅ It's a deodorant as well as a marine holding tank treatment❌ It can lead to tank drying out too rapidly
✅ Top of the line enzymatic formula to break down even the tiniest waste❌ A bit less effective than Porta-Pak
✅ It uses a stainless solution

6)  Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated RV Holding Tank Sensor Cleaner

Amazing features we loved

  • Complete plastic packaging makes it easy to store
  • It comes with an intuitive Orange Citrus Scent
  • Non-toxic chemicals for RV holding tanks
  • More than 20 drop-ins per basic package
  • Inexpensive RV holding tank treatment at Walmart

Types of Holding Tank treatment Products

Blackwater holding tank treatments come in a wide range of size and chemical formulas, so it’s nice to choose the one which work effectively for you. Following are some of the common types which you might typically see in your local store;

  • Chemical Based Treatments

These were some of the most common types of black tank treatments used back in the days (90’s). Most RV trailers relied on them because they remove clogs and precisely break down solid waste. Although they might not completely mask the bad odour, they are pretty operative in holding bacteria inside your tank. However, it is worth noting that most chemical-based treatments rely on synthetic constituents like bronopol and formaldehyde, which are hazardous to the environment and your skin. So, you will need proper care in handling them.

Ex; – Thetford AquaMax Summer

  • Salt/Powder Based Tank Treatment

Unlike liquid chemical-based treatments, this group of black tank constituents are highly modernized and mineralized compounds. As a result, they are easy to adjust and are effective against controlling bad odour. But don’t expect much from them as you won’t get the most out of them to prevent clogs and clearing waste build-up. Although, these types of treatments are pretty handy for a wide variety of usage, such as boondocking, where precise measurements are required. Similarly, they won’t let you down even in extreme temperatures.

Ex; – HAPPY CAMPERS Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

  • Enzyme Based black tank treatment

When it comes to preventing clogs in the tank or clearing plumbing lines, enzyme-based treatments are worth the cash. They can also transition to RV holding tank sensor cleaners and remove any waste clinging to them. Enzyme Based black tank treatments are pretty popular these days since they are perfect for all weather conditions. On top of that, their formula relies on resilient enzymes, so the negative impacts on the environment are minimal. Unfortunately, they lack a strong scent that can prevent the foul odour, but they are good to go other than that.

Ex; – Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment

Things to Consider When Buying RV Holding Tank Treatment

Buying a holding tank treatment for your RV is not an easy chore as long as you have the correct information. The following factors will help you decide on the ideal RV black tank chemicals you can get in 2021.


No matter what type of home hold or RV accessory you choose, it ultimately comes down to the price tag and how much cash you are willing to spend. You might want to look for a treatment that can get the job done without breaking the bank. Similarly, it is ideal for considering the cost per treatment before you make your mind to purchase. Products like Aqua-Kem & Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated are all affordable option that you should defiantly opt for.

Treatment type

As we discussed earlier, there is various categorization among black tank treatments. For example, some of them are enzyme-based to prevent the tank from clogging, while others are a kind of deodorants that will keep the odour in control. So, make sure to spend some time deciding your ideal pick and the benefits associated with it.

Ease of use

This is another common thing that most RV’ers don’t think about when deciding their black tank solution. A couple of products in the market are a bit hard to use, even for a general consumer. On top of that, they take some time to implement, so try not to rely on them. Instead, you want to go for an option that is exceptionally straightforward and has an immediate impact.

Elimination of odours

Finally, a good RV tank holding solution is one that not only breaks down waste but also tends to eliminate odour. That’s why it is advised to opt for a model that controls these septic smells and provide you premium support in boondocking; if it can’t neutralize the odours, then it’s not worth purchasing it.

Alternate Solution for RV Black Water Tank Treatment

Not everyone is a fan of synthetic water tank treatments (like rid x for RV holding tanks). So, if your one of them, then it’s a great idea to rely on homemade RV tank cleaning alternatives. One of the popular substitutes includes a process called the Geo method. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a home-based cleaning technique around the RV community from the early ’90s. It consists of a formula made up of just two items that you can easily find in your local store, i.e., dish soap and Calgon water softener.

So, once you have emptied and reclosed your black water valve, simply add one full cup of the water softener as well as a cup of dish soap to your toilet bowl. After that, fill it up with water and flush it down. Now add approximately 3 gallons of water and again flush it down. This will give you an ideal starting base of a clean and fresh smelling tank. But if somehow this is confusing for you then make sure to check out How to Sanitize Your RV Water Tank?.


All in all, these were our picks for the prime tank treatments that any RV goer should get in 2021. If your still confused and unsure about your decision, then let me summarize it quickly. So, almost any RV user happens as one day they step into their ride and annoyed with the overall smell coming from their dock. Not only that but the septic system can also get clogged quite often, which is a bit difficult for even a novice user to manage.

That’s why the best possible solution in terms of handling the tank is to get RV holding treatment. Most of them are inexpensive and get the job done within a matter of minutes. I would recommend going for the HAPPY CAMPERS Organic solution, but you can also opt for your preferred choice. They are all premium products so you won’t be disappointed. If you liked this review then make sure to check our previous articles like Why A Truck Camper Is Superior to Any Other RV

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1, Is it ideal to use rid x for RV holding tanks?

Numerous tank tech Rx reviews suggest that rid x is an ideal substitute for managing an RV holding tank. This treatment is entirely portable and can tackle both odour and paper wastes.

Q2, Which is the best black tank treatment in terms of the price tag?

When it comes to affordability, products like Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated and Porta-Pak are absolutely worth it. Besides that, they perform pretty decently even in extreme climates.

Q3, How to get rid of holding tank odour?

To eliminate the foul odour in the holding tank, it is advisable to maintain it regularly. Try to thoroughly flush it with water and make sure there aren’t any clog formation. If possible, invest in holding tank treatment as well.

Q4, Are holding tank treatment with formaldehyde still worth the money?

Tank treatments containing formaldehyde were quite popular among RV drivers since they kill harmful bacteria and mask the bad RV odour. However, the main drawback associated with them is that they aren’t eco-friendly in the long run.

Q5, Why happy camper enzyme treatment is so renowned?

Happy camper organic tank solution is a versatile product that works on both black and grey RV tanks. It is tested by experts and will give you the optimum results.



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