Why A Truck Camper Is Superior to Any Other RV

I hope you will agree with me when I say:Why a Truck Camper is Superior to Any Other RV

 Truck Camper is Superior to any other RV! 

It would not be wrong to say that a truck camper is superior to any other RV because of several advantages it holds.

Here is a truck camper review and guide for everyone out there who is looking to purchase one.



Before starting with the truck camper guide, let’s discuss what RV and truck camper is.

What is an RV?

If you are new to the outdoor, you must be wondering what RV is. RV is an abbreviation for recreational vehicles. Such vehicles are designed in a way that includes quarters for accommodation.

Several facilities are available in an RV ranging from a kitchen to a bed, washroom, lounge, and so on. Different specifications are available in RV according to the price range, size of RV required, space requirements, weight constraints, and several other factors.

There are several types of RVs available in the market including truck campers, pop-up campers, motorhomes, caravans, campervans, and fifth-wheel trailers. This article specifically reviews truck campers and guides whether one should consider purchasing it or not.

Fifth Wheel Campers


What is a Truck Camper?

A Truck Camper is an RV that is made portable enough to fit the size of the bed of your truck. It is the smallest form of RV available in the market and 42 states categorize it as cargo rather than RV due to its compatible size.

Truck Camper Guide

Reasons Why Truck Camper is Superior to Any Other RV

Are you looking to buy an RV? We will suggest you check out the RV Truck Campers available for sale. You can either separately search RV trucks available for sale and camper that fit those trucks, or you can buy a pair of RV Truck Camper altogether.

But wait, what is this all hype about the Truck Camper? Why should I buy a truck bed camper anyways?

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Well, a truck camper has various specs to attract its customers. Some major advantages of a truck camper include the slide-out and pop-up features. As many as 3 slide-outs are available. These increase the existing space and make the camper quite spacious. In addition, long-bed truck campers provide large kitchenettes, full-size queen beds, and even huge dry baths! Truck campers come in various shapes, sizes, weights, and price ranges.

Let’s look through this truck camper review further to get an idea of the pros and cons of buying an RV truck camper.

Pros of buying a Truck Camper

1. Can be cheaper in some states

Yes, this is true! Truck camper RV can be cheaper in some states since this vehicle is the smallest RV and is considered as cargo in 42 out of 50 states.

Since it is not classified as an RV in 42 states, there is no registration fee associated and insurance rates are very low. In fact, in a few states truck campers do not need to be insured.

For accurate and current information, it is best to reach out to your nearest insurance agent. He can precisely guide you on the insurance policies of your area.

2. Low maintenance

A truck camper is the cheapest RV to maintain as it neither has a fifth wheel attached to it nor a separate working engine which may cause disturbances. Maintenance of a truck camper is equivalent to maintaining a truck only. The camper would require periodic maintenance but not similar to other RVs.

3. Upgradation is easier

As the truck and the camper are separate components, each of them can be easily replaced, upgraded, maintained, and put back in place.

Campers can be changed whenever required. New campers with additional facilities can be bought and fixed to your trusted truck you own. On the other hand, it is easier for you to change your truck without changing the camper, if and only if the bed size of the truck matches that of the camper.

This is another factor that makes truck camper superior to other RVs.

4. Great depreciation value

Truck campers hold their value for a long period. Hence, if you ever plan on selling your truck camper, you will get returns closer to the original value. This is because of the smaller niche truck camper market. The products made by the truck camper brands such as Lance, Northwood, and so are finely made to fulfill the personal requirements of the customer. Truck campers have high quality and are precisely made that they serve their customers for years long.

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5. Can easily fit into regular parking spots

Yes! This is one of the biggest advantages of all. Whenever you are going to an outing, you do not need to worry about parking your RV in a wide, open area anymore.

Truck campers can easily fit into the regular single parking spaces. 2 spaces can be consumed at most while parking it. Hence, compared to other RVs, a truck camper will save you the headache of trying to find a parking space.

6. Cook, Sleep, or Bath whenever you want!

Absolutely true! All of us feel hungry on an exciting trip and feel sleepy on the way back. It is also very difficult to find a good hygienic washroom during picnics. Truck campers have made it super easy for us to cook, sleep, and take a good warm bath anytime.

Advantages of Truck Camper

People can sleep in the truck camper while the other drives it towards the destination. In addition, you can stop for sudden lunch cravings and cook food for yourself using the indoor propane stove. Truck campers have enough room and ventilation built in to support cooking.

On top of everything, a perfect warm bath can be very cozy on a long tiring picnic. Truck campers make it possible to install an electric tankless water heater which will provide you a good supply of warm water throughout your trip.

7. Easier to drive

Truck campers are easier to drive compared to the monstrous truck trailer RVs. Those huge RVs can be quite intimidating while driving. Moreover, huge RV truck trailers can bring in a lot of unwanted attention from the road, hence, people to prefer to keep their profiles low can enjoy driving truck campers which at most feels like driving a big truck.

Also, you would not have to worry about the swaying RV towed behind your truck. Driving a truck camper is similar to driving a regular pickup truck.


8. Small storage space required

Storing a truck camper is a lot easier and hassle-free compared to any other RV, making it superior to them. It can be easily stored in your garages if they are high enough and HOA regulations allow for it. Keeping a truck camper in your garage would save you the bill of storage facilities.

In case HOA regulations or any other limitations stop you from keeping your truck camper in your garage, you can store it at your nearest storage lot. Since RV truck campers are smaller in size, therefore, they will save you huge storage cost bills as well.

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9. Option to tow anything behind it

Since campers are hooked to the bed of the truck, therefore, we have the option of towing anything behind the truck. So, you can carry any additional equipment by towing it at the back of the truck since truck campers use the vehicle’s haul weight and do not affect the towing capability.

For example, you can carry an ATV or even an additional travel trailer behind you!

However, it is important to check the haul and towing capacity of the truck before towing anything.

10. Off-Road Capability

Although the size and weight of a truck camper can limit what you can do off-road, however, it still has the capability to go off-road. This is because the size and two-axle configurations help the truck camper reach places where typical RVs cannot reach.


Cons of buying a Truck Camper

1. Difficult to attach the camper to the truck every time

It requires a lot of practice to hook and unhook the camper every time before, during, or after the journey. Rough practices can damage the camper and the vehicle as well. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful in this process.

A lot of time is required to even set up or tear down the camp since it needs to be hooked up, towed to the car, and several wires and chains have to be used to keep the truck camper in its place. In such a situation, if you ever forget to tie a chain or fix a bolt at the right place, your camper can slide while traveling up steep hills or move sideways from its place.

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2. Expensive compared to other campers

Why are truck campers so expensive? An estimate of the price per foot of a truck camper is around $150/sq. ft compared to that of a truck trailer which is only $100/sq. ft.

Truck campers are expensive due to several reasons. One of the reasons is their intricate design. It is easier to design a box-shaped truck trailer that can be hooked to the truck; however, it is much more difficult to design a truck camper that can perfectly fit the bed size of a truck. In addition, the same features found in a truck trailer are offered in a truck camper having a small size. Therefore, to fit everything in as required takes greater effort and expenditure.

3. Possibility of tipping over

How much does a truck camper weigh? Well, truck campers come in various sizes and weights. There are truck campers that are specially designed for half a ton truck as well. Hence, their weight varies according to their size, specifications, built-in floor map, and the things set in.

Heavy Campers for Truck

One major disadvantage of a truck camper is its possibility to tip over. This is because truck campers are tall and top-heavy. Longer and bigger truck campers are at a greater risk of tipping over. Hence, miscalculation of the weight placed inside the camper can make it tip over.

Therefore, it is important to determine the center of gravity of a truck camper. In addition, you also need to be aware of the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and Cargo Carrying Capacity of your camper. This will allow you to distribute the weight inside the camper equally.

4. Limited space available

Truck campers are less spacious when it comes to storing various things within the camper, packing up for a long trip, or when a large group of people travels together.

As mentioned earlier, 42 out of 50 states consider truck campers as cargo. Hence, this shows that the storage facility within the truck camper is limited. Truck campers are perfect for weekend trips and are not suitable if you plan to go on a long trip.

In addition, truck campers have a good space for two people to sleep and function properly. 3 people at max can sleep comfortably within this camper. However, groups greater than 3 people need to reconsider before purchasing a truck camper for their trip outdoors.

5. Huge and expensive models have indoor showers and traditional flush style toilets

Small models usually lack showers and flush-style toilets since these are build up in big and expensive truck campers. Hence, this can be a disadvantage if you do not have a flexible price range to purchase a big truck camper.

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Here are various advantages and disadvantages of truck campers. If you are considering buying an RV, truck campers are a great option because they are superior in terms of the specifications offered as discussed in this review.

Less space can be an issue for people, however, couples going out on vacations can consider purchasing RV Truck Campers instead of the regular ones as this would perfectly fulfill their requirements.

Before finishing off this truck camper guide, we have posted an FAQ section for you to check out.


FAQ Section

Size Chart for Truck Campers

Truck Camper Size Chart

Lance gives us an idea of the campers we can purchase according to the trucks we own. 

The sizes of truck campers can vary. The size depends upon your requirements, and price range. 

If you own a truck and are looking for a camper separately, the size of the camper will depend upon the truck you own. The bed size of your truck matters as well as the weight, along with the center of gravity. These all are vital in judging which size to choose from. 

If you own a camper, you need to buy a truck for it accordingly so both can fit perfectly. 

Well, you can also buy both of these together to fulfill your requirements.


What are the specifications of a truck camper?

Truck campers have various specifications from which you can choose. Below is a list of some of the basic features available in all truck campers:

  1. Hard Side or Pop-Up Camper 
  2. Pop-Up Walls: Hard Side Pop-Up or Soft Side Pop-Up 
  3. Bed Length: Long, Short, Super Short 
  4. Cabover or Cabover-less Camper 
  5. Non-Slide, Single Slide, Multi-Slide 
  6. Wet Bath, Dry Bath, Toilet-Only Bath, No Bath 
  7. Rear-Bath or Mid-Bath Floor Plan

What are the best truck camper brands?

There are many brands out there that sell truck campers. Here is a list of a few brands:

  1. Adventurer Campers 
  2. Northwood MFG. 
  3. Eaglecap Campers 
  4. Host Campers 
  5. Lance Camper REV group 
  6. Palomino RV 
  7. Rugged Mountain Custom RV


Which is the best truck camper?

There are several brands out there that sell truck campers. The best truck camper would be the one that can fit into the bed size of your truck. In addition, matching the center of gravity of the truck along with the camper is quite important so it can balance off the overall weight. 

If you are looking for the best campers under a price range of $2000, click here.


What are the new truck campers available for sale in 2021.

Here are a few models listed which are available for sale in 2021:

  1. Bundutec Roadrunner 
  2. Rugged Mountain 9RL 
  3. Adventurer 910DB Truck Camper  
  4. Host mammoth 11.5


Which insulated truck campers are the best?

These truck campers are insulated and are suitable for all four seasons!

  1. Northern Lite 8-11EX 
  2. Lance four season truck campers 
  3. Northwood Artic Fox 
  4. BigWood truck campers


Which truck campers are suitable for small trucks?

Here are two campers which are suitable with small trucks: 

  1. Four-Wheel Campers Grandby Model 
  2. Leentu’s Flagship Truck Camper


Which lightweight truck campers are the best?

Here are two campers that are suitable compact and lightweight:

  1. Lance TC 825 with Bathroom 
  2. Alaskan Cabover 6.5 Hard-Sided Pop Up

Hey! I’m Mark Polk, an author, camper & public speaker on anything & everything RV related. I have educated millions of RV consumers on safely and properly usage through my movies (i.e. TRV Education 101: RV Care and Maintenance 2009) Writing about this industry is a huge passion of mine, so here’s a little piece of my mind.

Hey! I’m Mark Polk, an author, camper & public speaker on anything & everything RV related. I have educated millions of RV consumers on safely and properly usage through my movies (i.e. TRV Education 101: RV Care and Maintenance 2009) Writing about this industry is a huge passion of mine, so here’s a little piece of my mind.